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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers



Pigeon Defeats Bird Feeder

It’s been a while since I took part in the WordPress weekly photo challenge. And I have more or less missed the date of this week’s challenge because it was on Friday.

We have resident pigeons who snaffle the seeds from the bird feeder. I say ‘snaffle’ because we intend the seed to benefit smaller birds.

But pigeons have their place in the universe – and in this case…

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WordPress Security Talk At WordCamp Chicago - Brennen Byrne

WordPress Security Talk At WordCamp Chicago – Brennen Byrne

I have been watching WordPress TV videos for a while. Some are over my head, but there are snippets of value to pick up even with the very technical talks.

This particular talk is easy to follow and very watchable. And it doesn’t just relate to WordPress sites, although Brennen Byrne does talk about them too.

Here’s the link to WordPress Security on WordPress TV.

And here’s the link to the WordPr…

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Working Freehand With Photoshop

Working Freehand With Photoshop



There are many different ways of working with Photoshop, and I thought I’d share how I changed the top image which was straight out of the camera, to produce the lower image.

What you will see in the lower photo is that the couple sitting on the wall have disappeared and there is some sky above the building. And of course, the walls of the building are now vertical instead of converging.


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Tech Details

Olympus E-PM1 with 45mm lens
1/125 second at f1.8

These pegs and cloths caught my eye (figuratively speaking) in the art room at the Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh today. Considering that I took the shot with the lens wide open, the sharpness is impressive.

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Matrix Code and Wet Trout for slapping DDOS attackers

Matrix Code and Wet Trout for slapping DDOS attackers

Matrix machine code with trout

Matrix machine code with trout

With thanks to Rebby of Colderweather who suggested a wet trout with which to slap DDOS attackers and to TT of OneCoolSiteBloggingTips who commented about rage and DDOS attackers.


This is the first image that I have captioned since changing to the Big Brother WordPress theme. What do you think of this theme’s style of captioning?

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Not A Happy Bunny

The web host where we host our greeting card site has been under attack again.

It has been subjected to a DDOS – a distributed denial of service – attack.

A DDOS attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt a web host by sending thousands of requests per second to its servers.

If the attack came from just one source then the web host could block it easily.

But the attacker plants Trojans in innocent…

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Google Authorship Photos To End

Google Authorship Photos To End

Google is removing Authorship photos from its results, in the interests of decluttering its search pages.

Google introduced authorship a year or two ago, and I for one have been influenced to look at an article or take up a recommendation by seeing someone I know endorsing the article or recommendation.

And I set up authorship myself, eager to become a known authority on cats… (just joking).

I am…

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The Other Big Brother

The Other Big Brother

I am using the Big Brother WordPress theme.

It is designed and made by Automattic, the company that owns WordPress.

Someone at the company has a sense of humour.

Giving the name Big Brother to a WordPress theme that is described as being “the perfect theme for large organizations and government.” is funny.

If you don’t know the connection, Big Brother is a character in George Orwell’s 1949 book,

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